UPDATE: Instant Traffic Stampede Audio CD's of all the tele-seminars and extra bonus "Show and Tell" video CD-ROM's for each traffic technique will be available shortly.

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"Why Settle For Tiny, 'Hit-or-Miss' Traffic Spurts When You Can Unleash A Thundering, Non-Stop Traffic Stampede To Your Site -- Practically Overnight!"

Give Us 21 Days And We'll Show You 
How To (at least) Double Your Site's Traffic…
Or We'll Eat Our Cowboy Hats!

From: Sheriff Yanik Silver and Marshall Jim Edwards

Howdy Internet Pardner,

Does your website look like an old "Ghost Town?"...

Even if your website is doing okay, somewhere deep down in your gut, you know it could be doing better -- a whole lot better -- if you could just drive more traffic.

Well, if you've ever wished for more website traffic, this announcement is meant for you!

Listen, aren't you just sick and tired of feeling lower than a rattlesnake's belly every time you check your website's traffic stats? (Especially when you figure some of those hits came from you checking if the site was still up.)

Haven't you had enough with all the "guaranteed" ways to drive traffic to your site which only leave your wallet a little lighter and you feeling a whole helluva' lot more frustrated. If you're like us, you've probably tried every traffic technique under the Sun with disappointing results. 

It's no wonder...

Almost Everyone is Dead Wrong About 
How They Try to Get Traffic to Their Sites

You see, the truth is you don't need 367 different ways to get traffic that each produce a handful of visitors - what you need are the 7 absolute best, NO-FAIL traffic systems ready to blast your traffic through the roof!

Think about it. If you were fighting a raging inferno would you rather have everyone in your neighborhood bringing over a tablespoon of water to put out the fire …or would you like to have 7 state-of-the-art fire trucks pumping out 7,000 gallons of H20 a minute battling the blaze?

It's no contest!

Why piddle around with little trickles of traffic when you can tap into raging, monster traffic sources practically overnight. This is going to sound silly - but we need to ask you:

Have you ever heard any web site owner complaining they have too much traffic? 

No way. 

It's not exactly a big secret you've got to have…


Holy smoke! It's all a numbers game…

Once you've got loads of traffic coming out your ears it doesn't take a brain surgeon to turn a big profit. Just think if you're doing alright now you could be making money hand over fist with a mountain of new traffic bombarding your site!

Well saddle up because we're going to show you how to add hundreds (even thousands) of new visitors to your website each and every month …even if your site seems like a totally hopeless "ghost town" right now.

Stop Wishing and Praying For More Traffic

Just imagine if you could round up the Internet's head honcho traffic experts and hold them hostage until they agreed to spill their guts and reveal every one of their jealously guarded visitor sprouting secrets. 

Sounds good, right? Of course -- but there's one big problem: How do you get one of these first-class "Traffic Tornadoes" to share their insider secrets with you? 

You see, getting these guys to open their mouths doesn't come cheap. Fact is, most of these big players charge upwards of anywhere from $250.00 to $500.00/hour or more for consulting (if they're even available at all). 

Unless you were prepared to shell out a small fortune you would never have access to the insider information that could skyrocket your Internet business. Until now!

Introducing the…

"Instant Traffic Stampede Round Up"

Give us 21 days and we'll show you the 7 amazing traffic sources to make your hit counter ZOOM out of control! We promise these methods work EVERY TIME (for us regular folks who aren't computer geeks). 

Yes in only 3 weeks you can strike the mother lode of traffic…setting up your own personal gold mine. (In fact, we're so confident all of this will work like crazy for you we even back it up with the most daring guarantee you'll hear about in a minute.)

Listen, if you're accepted you'll be taking part in a 7-part series of twice weekly teleconference calls for 3 weeks starting June19, 2003. (Don't worry if you have to miss a call because each one will be professionally recorded and the audios will be available for you online to listen to at your convenience.)

Now once you hear all about this incredible series we think you'll understand why this is going to be unlike any private site, marketing manual, ebook, or seminar you've ever seen, heard or been to. 

Here's What You Can Look Forward To on 
Each Private "Instant Traffic Stampede" Call…

You'll literally step inside the heads of 7 of the shrewdest Internet marketers on the planet as they give you the low-down on their area of traffic expertise for a full 90 minutes. That means every facet, every minute detail, and every painstaking aspect of how they generate gobs and gobs of traffic will be uncovered and laid bare for you.

We promise this will not be some glossed over "powder puff" interview. It'll be the two of us, Sheriff Yanik and Marshall Jim, grilling (scratch that - more like interrogating) these varmits until they squeal "UNCLE"! 

We won't stop until every last drop of their traffic secrets are squeezed out of their heads. Now if that was the end of it - you could hang up and feel like you got 10x your money's worth - but that's not good enough for us. 

You see, it doesn't stop there…

Once that's over and done with we'll open up the floor to your individual questions.

That's right, the last 20-30 minutes of the call will be a free-wheeling period for your most burning questions and answers. Each traffic hombre has assured us nothing is off limits. 

But first a fair warning: Maybe you think you know a thing or two about each of these traffic sources and you've "heard it all" when it comes to traffic - but not so fast buckaroo. 

Hold your horses…

Nation's Foremost Internet Marketing Experts Swear Under Oath These 7 Traffic Windfalls are Not Illegal

We guarantee you ain't seen nothing yet because we've wrangled up a "Traffic Posse" of experts who are going to blow you away with their shocking, uncensored secrets. Never before have they all agreed to share their "most-wanted" underground secrets on each of the "BIG 7" traffic sources. 

Take a look at this band of "Traffic Outlaws" we're bringing to justice...


1. Perry "Quick Draw" Marshall -- Google Ad Words

Get ready to turn on an Instant Traffic Stampede! Google Ad Words is one of the absolute best-kept advertising bargains of the century where you can still pay pennies for super qualified visitors ready to buy from you.

In just 7 minutes or less you can start driving super qualified and targeted visitors from Google right to your site (and start making sales the same day!) IF you know how to do it right (before the rest of the world figures it out).

Joining us on the line will be the nation's top no B.S. expert on Google Ad Words, Perry Marshall, and he'll give it to you straight from the horse's mouth. 

Perry mostly works with companies selling high-tech "real" products but he understands guerilla, "in-the-trenches" marketing like nobody's business. If his techniques work like gangbusters for high-tech products where everybody says "our kind" of marketing doesn't work - just imagine the impact his strategies can have for you. 

He has quickly and quietly earned a reputation for being one of the premier Google Ad Words experts by consistently giving his clients more leads and sales then they can handle (not a bad problem) :-)

And during our session, Perry's going to let you in on these secrets:

  • Got an idea for a killer headline or copy? Test in just minutes across Google's millions and millions and millions of targeted visitors. (Never guess again when writing copy - have the buying public pick your BEST headline that makes people BUY your products and create a truly INSTANT Traffic STAMPEDE!)
  • How and why Google Ad Words is a completely different "animal" than any other pay-per-click search engines out there…and what you need to know to "crack the code" (and avoid wasting thousands of dollars in unnecessary advertising expense)
  • How to get search phrases with SKY HIGH search volumes but only cost you 5 cents, because no other advertiser knows how to get there and STAY there.
  • The 'hush-hush' secret to consistently getting clickthrough rates that shatter 10% - 25% instead of just a measly 1% - 2%.
  • The specific tested results of teeny, tiny tweaks that skyrocket responses 30%, 40% or more. (You won't believe the difference these little changes can make for your campaingns.)
  • The absolute best ways to lower your average cost per click. (This works even as more and more bidders are jumping in.) And lots more….

Next on the butcher block is...


2. Charlie "High Noon" Page -- 
Ezine Ads
(No known pictures exist of this wrangler!)

Place an ad today and traffic starts coming as soon as that ezine issue hits the readers' "in-box!"

You see, people read ezines and newsletters because they are VERY INTERESTED in the subject -- No matter what your product or service, chances are high you'll find online publications that already have subscribers who will fit your niche or target audience... and the right ad to that audience brings the traffic stampede!

We've rounded up the top Ezine Ad expert on the planet, Charlie Page, to give you his real, 'in-the-trenches' advice.

Charlie Page is the owner of "Directory of Ezines" so he sees hundreds and hundreds of Ezine campaigns each and every month. He has over 26 years experience in sales, marketing, advertising and small business matters. 

He's written some of the best-pulling ezine ads on a wide variety of subjects for clients ranging from people starting their first business to University professors to ghostwriting for famous online marketers. 

Charlie's going to come clean on:

  • How to take a simple little ad that makes you a few bucks and roll it out across the Internet to rake in BIG profits by creating a stampede of traffic to your site from many different ezines and newsletters.
  • How to track your ads to the penny so you don't waste a dime on ezines and sources that don't make you any money... only put your money into winning ads in winning ezines.
  • How to create an ad quickly and then test it and tweak it until it pulls like crazy and converts as well or better than what even the industry insiders consider an ass-kicking response rate... and then "roll it out" so the website visitors start coming like a herd of wild buffalo!
  • How to start with only a few dollars -- and even no money in some cases -- and build your business into a marketing, traffic-generating powerhouse faster than you ever dreamed possible!

And our next expert in the hot seat is...


3. Jon "The Judge" Keel -- 
Pay-per-click Search Engines

Pay-per-click search engines aren't any big shakes, right? WRONG!

You may think you know about pay-per-click search engines, but let me ask you. Do you know:

  • How to turn on targeted, laser-focused traffic to your site in just 3-5 days ! That's right... you can have traffic to your site in less than a week... if you know the secrets.
  • How to quickly find hundreds of relevant, popular keywords that your web site visitors use to search - more keywords equals more traffic to your site. BUT you'll also learn how to find the HIDDEN keywords your competitors aren't bidding on that can bring you highly targeted traffic at ROCK BOTTOM prices!
  • How to STOP getting rejected by Overture's editorial staff. (This secret will pay for your tuition many times over.
  • How to analyze your competitors to find out what keywords they're using to attract web site traffic - let their experience work for you! Go ahead and have someone else pay the tab on researching the best keywords for you.
  • How to Analyze the Return on Investment for each of your keywords - invest your advertising dollars ONLY where you get the best return. Learn the number one mistake people make when it comes to pay-per-click traffic and a simple solution for avoiding it that will save you thousands in wasted, worthless clicks!

These are the secrets top pay-per-click expert, Jon Keel, is going to share with you and much, much more. 

Jon's the guy to turn to when you need traffic fast. Since 1997, he's worked with a full range of clients and understands the different needs of people just getting started all the way to Fortune 500 companies. 

Today with Overture's increased popularity and more advertisers finding out about it, the average bid price has risen exponentially. That's why Jon will be giving you his most recent information to jumpstarting your traffic without paying over-inflated bid prices. 

And our unbelievable line-up keeps rolling down the trail with...


4. Kirt "The Kid" Christensen -- 
Linking Strategies

Finding qualified sites willing to trade links has typically been a slow, tedious and difficult process. Many Webmasters have found they have to send out one hundred e-mails requesting a link trade to find one willing partner. That's why most people give up...not so if you know the right information that Kirt Christensen is opening the door to. 

Kirt is the "real deal". This whiz kid from Utah is responsible for some of the biggest success stories on the Internet. One company that he had ownership in started out with little more than a couple of old Macintoshes and $35,000 in credit card debt. They were eeking out $350 per week in sales... Within 2 months he had developed a killer lead generation and closing system that averaged $7,500 per week in sales WITH LESS WORK!

You want to know something even more amazing? 3 years later they sold that same company for $11,000,000.00 (yep, 11 million)!

And now he's giving you the inside track to:

  • How an online diamond shop went from 125 visitors a day to over 1,200 a day almost effortlessly by getting over 600 other jewelry sites to link to it... While increasing sales to $600,000 a year!
  • Discover the best software programs to literally track down websites and ask them for a link - on complete autopilot and without SPAM!
  • With linking strategies you'll get top rankings in the search engines without even trying because your link popularity and link reputation will go through the roof!
  • Discover the secrets to getting at least 90 new links, within hours, once a month, like clockwork... and NO, it's not using worthless "safelists" or FFA pages!
  • The right way and wrong way to ask for (and get) a linking strategy working for your site. CAUTION: Do it right and people will link with you in a heartbeat (do it wrong and you'll get deleted and possibly reported as a spammer!)
  • How to quickly find and identify the best and most likely linking partners who can help you help them reach your goal! Good links vs. Bad Links (A bad link can do massive damage and destroy your search engine positioning... or worse!)

And still there's lots more...


5. "Sheriff" Yanik Silver -- 
Affiliate Programs

Here's exactly how to get hundreds, even thousands of websites working for you advertising and selling your product and you only pay them once they make a sale! 

This is the holy grail of traffic generation! Now it's Yanik's turn to sweat on the hot seat. He's built a 5000+ affiliate network in less than 1 year starting from scratch and now just 2 years later has an army of 17,123+ affiliates working with him.

Back in February 2000, Yanik was probably right where you are right now, wanting to make money on the Internet, but not quite knowing how. So he knows exactly where you're coming from - and it's not some distant memory.

Yanik's first web business (now he has several) produces over $250,000.00 a year in high margin sales and requires only a few hours a week of attention to keep the cash pouring in.

Don't get discouraged if you can't imagine that kind of income yet. Remember, Yanik started out small just like you probably will. His first month online brought $1,830.00, month #2 added up to $2,725.45 and month #3 grew to $4,714.37

Just recently Yanik was invited by Dan Kennedy, the great "No BS" marketer, to be a guest speaker at one of his upcoming events and Dan told attendees - some of the sharpest minds in marketing - that his single 1 ½ hour session would be worth the entire $3,475 tuition. But you'll get Yanik's secrets for pennies on dollar. Here are just a few:

  • How to get your biggest, baddest competitors thrilled to send you their best customers and traffic. That's right... he'll show you how to get your competitors to give you their best PAYING customers so you can sell to them again and again from this day forward!
  • Where to uncover the elusive "Super Affiliates" that will drive your sales through the roof. They're hiding right under your nose just waiting to make you money -- but you've got to know exactly where to look and how to approach them in order to open up the corral gate and turn those cattle loose on a STAMPEDE!
  • The "back-door" secret to getting top 10 positioning on the big Search Engines without even submitting your site or hassling with META Tags. (Yes, even Google!) This technique works like crazy and doesn't require the usual search engine "hocus pocus" or "voodoo" to get a search engine position that disappears in a week!
  • How to motivate your affiliates to take action and start driving traffic to your site so their combined efforts sends more visitors to your site in a day than most websites get in a month... and you can do this ANY time you want to!
  • 7 specific techniques to virtually FORCE your affiliates to drop what they're doing and devote their time to promoting your products and services over anyone else's!

And next we've lassoed...


6. "Marshall" Jim Edwards -- 
Ezine Articles

Every website could benefit from an extra 100, 200... even 500 visitors a day - especially if you didn't have to pay for them!

And the absolute bona fide expert on churning out quick and easy ezine articles is our very own, Jim Edwards. 

Jim a syndicated newspaper columnist and the author and co-author of eight best-selling ebooks, 2 CD-Rom products, a video, numerous audio tapes, a software package and a newsletter with tens-of-thousands of subscribers.

Last year over $441,138.27 worth of his products were sold online and in one 24 hour period he sold $10,437.36 worth of ebooks with one of his partners.

Jim's articles have appeared before hundreds of thousands of people online because they've been published on websites and by ezine publishers all across the Internet for years. I have used those articles to generate many tens-of-thousands of visitors to my web sites and, as you read this, more visitors come in every day. This isn't some "pie in the sky" promise we're laying out for you, but an actual day-to-day, proven method Jim uses to drive FREE traffic to his sites that makes the money he uses to pay his bills every month!

Now we'll turn the tables on Jim and make him spit every last one of his secrets, like these:

  • How to write articles that bring visitors to your site for weeks, months, even years... without spending a dime on advertising!
  • How to quickly build your own list of thousands of ezine publishers and website owners thirsty for content and ready to publish each of your articles as soon as you write them! 
  • The plain truth about using search engines to promote using articles and getting traffic to your site. (What a find!)
  • The secret trick to finding and identifying the exact website owners who have the highest probability of publishing your article on their sites to generate traffic for you! This one technique alone will save you many hours of wasted effort asking the wrong people... and make you a lot more money by focusing your efforts only on people who can get you results!
  • How to double, even triple, your article distribution! A simple but powerful "viral marketing" method not 1 in 100 article writers knows for promoting your articles with autoresponders!
  • How and why publishing articles will help you become recognized as a world-class expert on the topic of your choice and you will have people seeking you out for all kinds of lucrative opportunities... and sending you even more traffic!

And finally, we'll end with a bang...


7. "DOC" Jimmy D. Brown -- 
Viral Marketing

There's been a whole lot of "buzz" about viral marketing but little substance. That'll all change starting right now. We've tracked down the elusive, Jimmy D. Brown, to spill his guts on every viral marketing secret he uses to make a nifty six-figure income online. 

Jimmy is "the man" when it comes to viral marketing. He's the owner of the successful Marketing Resource "Profits Vault", and the well respected author of some of the best Marketing Ebooks and Manuals that are currently available on line.

You'll want to listen to this session over and over again because the curtain will finally come up on:

  • How to create a shocking simple traffic virus that automatically spreads itself around the Net while you sleep. This is truly the way to create an "auto-pilot" website by setting up a viral traffic STAMPEDE!
  • Imagine having 10,000 little "cowboys" each driving two or three cows a day into your corral. All together that's 30,000 head of cattle. Not too much work for you, but a WHOLE LOT of cattle at the end of the day!
  • Discover the 4 successful formulas Any website owner can use to get a steady, unending parade of new, profitable traffic…without spending another dime on advertising.
  • How to practically guarantee your information will be passed around and given away - this little "Viral" secret could mean a fortune to you in targeted traffic that comes to you day after day… week after week… month after month. You'll create a TRAFFIC STAMPEDE on complete auto-pilot!

Yes, it all sounds crazy but here's how to legally profit from Cyber thieves, hackers and online pirates. (Yes, we'll actually show why you *want* people to rip off, steal, pass around or give away your information). 


Is that an All-Star line-up or what? 

Now you can instantly start using these 7 free and low-cost ways to drive a relentless stampede of new traffic quicker than a wink. But don't just take our word for it - let us prove we really can help you… 

What's Our Advice Worth in Real Dollars and Cents?

"Revenue on my site has tripled…and I'm not even implementing all of your ideas…I used 4 suggestions from your information and it increased my profits so much, that I haven't had time to go back through the rest of the documents I purchased from you. I'm not even using 25% of the knowledge you sent me and I'm already having a hard time keeping up with the increased sales. There are definite marketing secrets that you have taught me. These aren't scams or trickery, it's simply based on research and results. I promise to get through the rest of your course, and when I do, I just know I'll start making the big bucks."
- Peter Jazwinski, myactingagent.com


"I must say you've done it again! Just when I thought I knew all the secrets of Internet marketing...I've been humbled. In fact, within 72 hours...I banked over $2,475.00 in sales using just ONE technique I learned."
Mike Van Norden
"Million Dollar Publicity Expert"
Dallas, Texas


"Just a quick update if you don't mind. Especially since I've used a lot of your information in the process of marketing. Since releasing our new eBook on August 1st 2001, we have now sold 965 copies of our eBook. With 9 refunds for net sales total of 956 eBooks at $49.95 which of course can be verified through ClickBank. Right now it's ClickBanks #1 investment program. Sales continue to be strong. Just wanted to let you know how one of your students is doing. (smile!)" 
- Stephen A. Pierce, rapidfireswingtrading.com


"I've actually launched two other internet business that are now doing 5k to14K per day. Yanik you may or may not remember but last time we spoke I had mentioned how new I was to the internet, I've only been online for 2 years now and will net $500,000.00 this year alone. Many of the techniques I've applied I learned in some of your e-books."
- Rod Stinson, Norco, CA


"...I launched my 1st site under your model on May 1, 2001 (DreamBodyNow.com). In that month alone I got published in ezines that had circulations of 200,000 or more. By August, I had signed up a couple of heavy hitters as affiliates and I set a sales record for me when on 1 day I sold 29 copies of my manual. I've sold tens of thousands of dollars of product from this site and my followup site. I currently get anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 unique visitors to all 3 sites on a monthly basis...."
- Tony Tass 
Waterdown, Ontario CANADA


"...I've just released two sites following your recommendations - and I am receiving almost triple my response rate than before I implemented your simple yet powerful strategies!" 
- Johannes Garrido, killerclassifiedads.com 


"I have used the techniques you offer to increase my internet profits by 280% thus far."
- Frank Oman, Pulaski, TN 

Okay now...

So What's All This Worth?

As a charter subscriber to the Instant Traffic Stampede Round Up series you'll get live access to all 7 breakthrough sessions plus LIVE Q & A time with these top Internet traffic ring leaders.

At a minimum you're grabbing 7 x 1 ½ hours of each expert's time. Even at the low-end price of only $250/hour (like we said before most of the experts charge $250 to $500+ per hour) that would add up being a whopping $2625.00. 

In fact, we seriously thought about flying each of these experts in, charging $2,000.00 per attendee and putting on a "traffic seminar". But instead of making you travel anywhere, stay at a hotel and miss lots of time away from work - you can now "attend" from the comfort and convenience of your own home. That's why it won't cost you $2,000 (though it'd still be a steal at that price), $1000, $750 or even $500.

Right now your total investment is only $397.

That's it. But we've got to warn you. There are ONLY 137 seats available (there were 154 but 17 are already reserved for our $14,500.00 Apprentice program members). Now these 137 seats will not last long especially if you consider more 87,232+ customers and opt-in subscribers are going to be reading this very same announcement.

Listen, the point is we're not just going to let any ole' cowpoke with a credit card sign up. No way Jose!


Simple really. In fact, it's a very good reason for you and for us. The way we see it these secrets are super valuable and we don't want the whole "Internet World" putting them to use making them less effective for us. Why would we want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? 

So you'd better be fast and high tail it over to the order form to sign up for this incredible series before it's sold out. Don't hate yourself for missing out on these secrets that can mean the difference between a little drip…drip…drip of visitors each month or a massive tidal wave of hungry, rabid visitors eager to BUY!

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Still not convinced? (Whoa - you're tough.) 

In that case, we're willing to give you even more…

In order to make signing on for the Instant Traffic Stampede Round Up Series absolutely impossible to resist - we're going to set you up with several free bonuses:

You'll Get 5 Special FREE Bonuses:

Instant Free Bonus #1:
"Dirty Dozen" Traffic Secrets. Even though you're getting the 7 biggest and baddest traffic techniques there are still plenty of other ways that worth using to drive traffic. In this exclusive 60-minute audio the two of us spill our guts on some of the top overlooked and underused traffic secrets that are almost too good to share. We can't tell you all of them here - but believe us they're HOT! (Value $49.00)

Free Bonus #2:
Internet Marketer's Tool Box. 4 long years in the making - this all-inclusive resource contains the websites and special contacts top Internet marketing experts use everyday. It's a perfect tool loaded with every top recommended source you need to know to grow your Internet business. 

This "insider's guide" reveals resources used by legends such as: 
Corey Rudl - Alex Mandossian - Jonathan Mizel - Terry Dean -Yanik Silver - Armand Morin - Ted Ciuba - Randy Charach - Joel Christopher - Carl Galletti - Jimmy D. Brown - Kirt Christensen - Frank Garon and 10 other top marketers.

Want to know the exact tools recommended by these guys for tracking, hosting, autoresponders, newsletters, email marketing, surveys, graphics, code, etc. etc. Anything you need for your online business is right at your fingertips.

(This bonus is delivered to you on CD-ROM when we send you the calls at the end of the series)

Instant Free Bonus #3:
"How to get top results without being an expert or search engine geek" 

This is an exclusive interview Jim conducted with Michael Campbell on quick and easy search engine tactics nearly anyone can use. 

Michael has literally cracked the code on what it takes to get to long term steady results from search engines (even after they keep moving the goal posts). In fact, he is so good at explaining to others and what to do and how to do it - that many of the top search engines literally hate his guts. Michael kindly consented a behind-the-scenes, no-nonsense primer on how to get 85% of the results with the search engines without going head-to-head with the "search engine optimization" experts and in 1/20th the time. 

Michaels reveals several proven techniques the search engines hope you never find out about like:

  • How important is your domain name (really) and what is the absolute best domain to have? (The answer will shock you!)

  • Are Meta Tags important anymore? 

  • The biggest secret to using "doorway pages" the right way.

  • The absolute best keywords to go after (they're not what you think).

  • What's the biggest trick if I haven't set up my site already for top search engine placement. 

  • How should you submit to search engines without getting 'blacklisted'. 

  • How to dramatically improve your search engine success for sites already up and running without spending hundreds and hundreds of hours fiddling with it.

  • And much, much more…

Free Bonus #4:
Not only will you have LIVE access to all 7 uncensored calls but we'll also be sending you complete audio CDs of each call to your front door so you can listen to these amazing traffic secrets over and over again. Review the techniques in the car, while you work out or anywhere you like with these professional recorded audio CDs.
($273.00 value)

Plus, here's the kicker - free bonus #5 is a "Mystery Bonus". We can't tell you about it but we promise it'll be something you definitely want to take part in. And it could even be a chance to get featured in both our newsletters going out to tens of thousands of subscribers (just think about the extra traffic that could mean). 

That's it.

Now as you can see, we're doing just everything possible to make this the ultimate package for your Internet success…but there's still one more assurance you'll get from us…

You'll Get Our Triple-Decker 
"Better-Than-Risk-Free" Guarantee

Our policy has always been to over deliver and this series will be no different. That's why the Instant Traffic Stampeded Round Up comes with a rock-solid triple guarantee:

Triple Guarantee Part 1: Sign up for the entire series of calls and receive all the free goodies and bonuses (if you're accepted). Then if you do not honestly feel the first 2 calls of the series are absolutely mind-blowing - just send us an email saying you want to cancel. We'll refund you right you on the spot for your full subscription price. PLUS you may keep every one of the bonuses as our gift! (Except the CDs which would not have shipped to you yet.) 
Triple Guarantee Part 2: After the sessions are over, if you're not completely ecstatic over the enormous traffic potential your web site can tap into, just say so any time within ONE FULL YEAR, and we'll reimburse you for your subscription and even pay you back for the long distance charges (with verification of course) for the entire series of all 7 teleconference calls. You just have to show us proof that you used at least one of the traffic techniques you were taught.
Triple Guarantee Part 3: Okay here's the part you've been waiting for. If you show us you used the seven "traffic posse" secrets and you don't at least double your website's traffic we'll both eat our cowboy hats (without any salt either). Yuck! 

There you go!

As you can plainly see, no matter what, you come out ahead! Bottom line is you can't possibly lose (unless you decide not to join us).

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As we mentioned, we'll be opening up this series up to only 137 more people. We know we could easily fill the series with 300, 400 or even 500+ people if we really wanted but instead we'd like to make sure each person on the calls has the opportunity to get their personal questions answered…and these traffic secrets remain a secret.

We seriously doubt these 137 spots will remain open for long, especially since each guest experts gets their own block of the 137 seats to sell to their list. We urge you to reserve your place today if you want to be included and not get shut-out. We're expecting this to be a total "sell-out".

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Sheriff Yanik Silver
Marshall Jim Edwards

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